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Wax Removal Services

Wax is completely normal in the ear canal, it is important to protect your ear from infection and is a natural way of pushing out debris. Most commonly wax will naturally come out of the ear. However, wax can build up to a point where it blocks the ear and can cause an uncomfortable feeling as well as a temporary hearing loss. This is most likely to happen to those with smaller, bendy ear canals; age can also be a factor, as the skin around the ear canal loosens and makes it harder for wax to naturally come out.

Using microsuction is the quickest, safest, and most comfortable way to clear blockages from your ear. The process if much like using a very tiny vacuum cleaner to suck up tiny pieces of wax in your ear. Unlike typical 'flushing' of the ear drum, microsuction avoids the messy force of a water syringe and allows a clear view of the ear drum, the wax, and the instrument's placement. This means microsuction is also perfectly safe for those with ear perforations or grommets.