Paediatric Diagnostic Testing

Comprehensive hearing evaluation for children 8 months and older. We determine which age appropriate activities to use to assess your child's hearing, and perform a full battery of tests to determine the health of the ears.  

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Adult Diagnostic Testing

Comprehensive hearing evaluation for adults 18 years and above. We check the status of your outer, middle, and inner ear. 

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Hearing Rehabilitation

A complete journey in diagnostic care is provided by offering solutions to symptoms and worries. This can involve open and honest consultation about devices currently on the market aimed to suit specific needs. 

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Wax Removal

Unblock your ears with professional microsuction techniques. A safe and comfortable wax removal service.

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Hearing Screens

We perform hearing screens to an industry standard for Police applications, Aviation applications as well as Workplace Screening Audiometry. 


Custom Ear Plugs

By taking a safe ear impression from your ear. A range of custom ear products are available to suite your desired activity.

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