Custom Ear Plugs 

Musician Ear Plugs

Plugs custom made and tailored for protection; either enjoying a concert, practicing or performing. Musician ear plugs feature different acoustic filters to maintain sound quality and to suit specific needs.

  • 10 decibel filters (suitable for vocalists and guitarists)

  • 15 decibel filters (classical musicians, guitarists and bass players)

  • 25 decibel filters (drummers, percussionists and rock musicians)

Swim Plugs

Snug custom fit ear plugs available in range of bright or discreet colours. Swim plugs a soft and pliable, sealing the ear to prevent water in the canal. Perfect for those with grommets or perforations, or to avoid irritation and infection from regular swimming.

Noise Plugs

Custom moulds with retention options for the highest levels of ear protection in recreational or professional pursuits.

Sleep Plugs

Comfortable soft custom plugs with concave exterior mean you can wear these plugs throughout the night to block out sound without discomfort in and around the ear.


A specialised product for musicians, IEMs are custom moulded speaker systems for an individual’s ear. IEMs are particularly helpful on stage or in association with noisy practices (like motorbike rides), as they can attenuate up to 26dB of surrounding noise yet internally provide high fidelity recording studio clarity, enabling the individual to hear with less risk of a noise-induced hearing loss.

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