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Adult Hearing Evaluation

A hearing loss does not mean you cannot hear anything, rather that there are some sounds too soft for you to hear. Adult Hearing Evaluations simply determine the function of your hearing levels, and identify if the issue is at with your outer, middle, and/or inner ear. Whether your hearing loss has crept up on you, or you are concerned about recent changes in your ears, our testing will provide accurate and reliable results. These can be used to diagnose your condition and counsel you about ways to support difficulties you are encountering.

At Ready to Hear, we will take your full history and identify your key areas of concern. We begin with otoscopy to check the status of the outer ear before proceeding with  pure-tone and speech audiometry testing. Using air and bone-conducting head-sets, audiometry testing will determine the softest decibel levels you can hear. Tympanometry is also used to assess the movement of your middle-ear system. By analysing all the results together, we can provide an accurate understanding of hearing health for diagnostic purposes and help you understand how it relates to your key concerns.